A different approach

Every now and again you become disenchanted. Over time the decisions to post material online or to add images - they become stale and bloated.

I have been influenced by the web presence of “But she’s a girl” (https://www.rousette.org.uk ) - both aesthetically but also for her enthusiasm and fluency.

Stealing from her entirely I am moving to static web publishing and I am also trying out “micro blogging” - to return to a lighter web publishing model.

The micro blog is at: https://virtualchris.micro.blog

When there is time I shall try to personalise the theme used and the layout but I shall give Hugo a go. Hugo is name of the publishing tool which puts the web pages together ( https://gohugo.io/ ).

See the previous post for a link to my old site with the images you might have wanted to see.

They shall be back, eventually.