It is possible that I no longer exist

I have left behind Facebook and Twitter. I know several other people have too :-)

I never liked Facebook. It is ugly, clunky and bereft of any real inspiration to me. I still cannot fathom it’s success.

Twitter was not bad. It was succinct and easy. However, it appears to have decided that all publicity is good publicity. Bigots, liars, racists – no account is too vile for them. Trump just lies, supremacists just make shit up. The place is impossible to visit for me now. Virtually every thread descends into nonsense. I put up with it but – eventually – the time spent wading through the sewage of these made up accounts and half-baked agendas became too much.

Sure – the shareholders shall tout their success but as products they are losing all credibility.

So – I may no longer exist online. “This” doesn’t count – the ability to self-publish with images or music. “This” is for even older people than the increasingly geriatric Facebook community.

Trump may now be the average age of a Facebook user.