My new office has been a godsend. This evening it is starting to get dark early. Next week, following the change from BST, it shall be very dark. I like the atmosphere of autumn at twilight. Still love having this office space to work, relax and think.

Favourite things - view of the sea, chess board and middle bay window in the office.


I was watching a sales pitch from a company I use and whose products I generally like. I pay a good sum of money to them in licensing each year.

They started badly by introducing their new product with the line “Built by developers for developers” and I immediately recoiled. Not only is it a cliche but it is a promise which invariably leads to devlopment being turned into a messy, over-engineered product trying to follow “paradigms”.

Sounds like a great idea to a marketing team.

AI for Prime Minister

I have been reading the “views” of Liz Truss with increasing concern. Her response to questions from journalists is infantile. She seems incapable of being an independent and mature person. Every reply is a cheap sound bite aimed at the demographic of Tory Party member and flag-waving scoundrel.

An AI Engine could possibly do a better job of providing her answers – and I do mean that literally.