Sunday 14 January

Hume Castle. Not really a castle – really just a “folly” but a good marker on the horizon in the area east of Kelso. The landscape here can be slightly featureless but is very atmospheric.

Tyne side

Near Haddington – walking to East Linton.

This flag in the sky is not remarkable but caught my attention since it was formed above Athelstaneford – claimed home of the Saltire.

Second of the year.

This is NOT a “picture of the day” project. Nor is it a “resolution”. I did plan, however, to try and upload photos I take to act as some kind of journal – principally for myself.

After spending most of the day in the office at Cockenzie and walking Badger dog in semi-dark amidst a deluge – I had resigned myself to no image for today.

Then I realised… I spend vast amounts of time at a desk and/or a PC and it should be recorded, too.

So here – my environment for today!

And the view from Longniddry Bents earlier in the day.

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + … ∞ = -1/12

OK – a change of focus. No politics.

Let’s encourage some interest in Mathematics – watch this Numberphile video to see the (apparently divergent) series in the title is equivalent to -1/12

Let me make it clear – sum the infinite series of Natural numbers ( 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + … and never stop) and the approximation value which results is -1/12

A negative fraction from an infinite sum of positive numbers.

There are many videos discussing this – and versions with more complex applications of Riemann’s functions to find the same result.

What has 2017 taught me…

Do not be Scottish and think humility or modesty are ever rewarded. They won’t be!

Make a bloody noise about everything you do – seems the smarter option.

Hasta la vista asap 2017.

Never trust anything Organised

Least of all any Religion.

No matter how loving, caring, empathic or forgiving it’s foundation – allow men (and it is usually men) a handful of years to organise and it will end up a murderous, inflexible, vitriolic and jealous plot of poisoned weeds.

I hope their gods do not forgive them. Any of them.