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So, at the moment I am concerned that Grails and even the Spring Framework are being left to slowly die on the vine. These are my preferred solutions when coding. Currently doing lots of other stuff but Java keeps on providing the reliable solutions. Microsoft solutions still too often feel like things held together by string and twine. And you can't choose the make of string or twine - you take what you are given.

I am studying and working practically on PHP application development. The PHP frameworks are horrible. They do a lot of work and are indispensable to the web - ubiquitous almost. Sometimes it is not cream rising to the top but the curdled lumps of putrification. Look at Politics for proof of that.

Finally, in my opinion, Spring is the best of the Ali Smith books to be published under the "Four Seasons" collection. Summer is still to be published.

As I write this it is Wednesday 19th of June, 2019. Almost midsummer in a year when I am disappointed to realise I have seen even less of the outside world than I usually do - and that is never much. Anyway, back to work. It's what we do, right?

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