Trying to get back!

This has been a challenging year. Viruses, social pressure, appalling political abuse of the electorate. I want to find my way back to things which I enjoy. Taking snaps, reading and writing being high on the list.

So I intend to take snaps and show them again. Of the places I see and visit near to home.

View from Hill Fort, East Lothian
View from Hill Fort, East Lothian

Monday reflections

A light hearted look at the world as I see it :-)

Reasonable and decent politicians are trying to remain decent – across party divides. They are up against a vicious, targeted, barrage of hate, lies and manipulation which has no decency and gets away with being called “populism”. People are dying and have died in their millions in spite of the massive precautions taken by our governments. Precautions which have led to huge social and economic loss.

The liar-in-chief who peddles hatred has candle-lit goons sing to him in the dark outside a unique faclity to care for him (using drugs for him alone) while those he calls patriots spread further contagion.

He leaves his “facility” to get into a hermetically sealed car and takes no personal risk in the least as he drives past them. He waves. How they wave back with their patriotic flags and cheer him as he does nothing whatsoever and probably infects a few more people in the process.

“What if he becomes too ill to govern” they sob. Who will protect us? Who else will sacrifice our medium income so the richest can gain tax cuts? Who else will campaign as hard as he does to prevent the poor in society getting affordable health care? Who else will … well there is nothing else really. Other than dog-whistles for fascists and neo-nazis.

This is a light-hearted post, however, so I leave on a bright note. I get my Macbook Pro fixed tomorrow by an Apple Genius! Yippee – a working machine!!

And for the tiny sum of £200 to put in a new battery.