With friends like these…

A Commander, imagine a Queen or a King, turns up before a huge battle. Think along the lines of Elizabeth I or Wallace in Braveheart.

The troops need a rousing speech. They are ready for battle but they are anxious.

Imagine, now, if Jeremy Corbyn had written and delivered it in the style of his rousing European campaigning at Brexit referendum time:

“Troops – as you know – I am really not in favour of this battle. I have no quarrel with the enemy. Indeed I do not trust many of our allies in this battle. However, I recognise that you lot are keen to fight for your beliefs. That being the case I am prepared to support you. Best of luck. Hurrah.”

“You did get that, didn’t you? I said Hurrah”

Then to his Lords and Lieutenants: “Ok – job done. Where next?”

The Last Night

I had expected a dark evening and a clear sky It is misty and cloudy and drizzling with rain. Should have taken the photo of the castle at night at the start of the week.


April has arrived.

A nice Easter afternoon spent at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. The Glasshouses are warm and interesting but they badly need a rebuild or some serious TLC. Hopefully it will be achievable soon.

Tribute to Jerry

I passed by these boys who had created an impressive cross on the beach. I asked what it was and they said they were making it as a memorial to Jerry the Goldfish!

Lucky Jerry – quite the tribute ;-)

Another lovely evening – no more saccharin photos of sunsets – I promise!