Ode to a bear

All is material
All is material
All opinion is equal
No opinion is unequal
We shall bow our heads
Gaze upon the watch face
Preserve the receipt
Display the receipt
Without a price tag
Is anything real
How can we prove existence
Without price then chaos
How can we have order

A great bear escaped
He ate a whole man
A rich man festooned in jewels
He ate him and all he wore.
Now until all the gold has passed
Every diamond has, too.
Also his cane handle
Much less his fob watch
(Which may still tick)
Are recovered, until then
We shall revere beast not man.
What of the digestible?
The tweed and the silk
The flowing coat of Gore
Such a delicious irony.

For how else should we appraise the man
He has become bear but the material survives
Perhaps his tissue holds value and a price?
He was an older man and of little value.
Such novelty. The auction shall make legend

Bricks and mortar

One very real benefit of a Bricks and Mortar store is the fact that I can choose when I go there to buy something.

I have been sat here since 8am waiting for a delivery from a large electrical UK retailer (there really is only one I am aware of these days) and I wish I had not been so lazy and just collected it in-store.

The best they can do in this age of mobiles is to say it should be with me by 10pm – on a Friday – since 8am.

I am not happy. Neither is my dog.