(mis/dis/bad) information

The world seems more cruel and more desperate. Read Jaron Lanier’s approachable book on the impact of the “new media” and a lot of the warnings which appeared grandiose now seem understated. See: https://www.toppingbooks.co.uk/books/jaron-lanier/ten-arguments-for-deleting-your-social-media-accounts-right-now/9781529112405/

What I cannot fathom is whether it is collective stupidity or are we destined to be driven by base, ancient fears which we are unable to overcome. Whatever it is we have let the genie out of the bottle and unless people can become mature enough, incredulous enough, to handle the weaponised information thrown at them then the future looks bleak.

AI is potentially going to make all and any information gathered from the NET impossible to believe. Maybe the day of credible, purchased reporting and old-fashioned journalistic integity are about to be welcomed to a new dawn.